AMP’s Special Purpose Account (SPA) savings program was designed with our clients in mind. It makes available the most modern and current account management products for select industries today. AMP Special Purpose Accounts provide a safe and advantageous savings account for all clients, allowing you to easily save, disburse and monitor the money you intend to use for your company’s purposes. AMP is separate from your servicing company, and only if you so approve, the funds in the Special Purpose Account can be tracked by your servicing company. With AMP’s Special Purpose Accounts your funds are owned and governed by you, so you control all the payments and disbursements in the account.

The importance of safety when managing funds is imperative to us at AMP; because of this, all funds held in Special Purpose Accounts set up through AMP are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Services not available to Oregon consumers.

Our Mission

Account Management Plus, Inc. is a dedicated accounting provider to consumers and their servicing companies, providing account management services that enhance the integrity and efficiency of their services.