AMP’s revolutionary new savings program was designed with the consumer in mind. It makes available the most modern and current account management products for the debt settlement and student loan industries today. With the introduction of the Special Purpose Account (SPA), AMP provides a convenient and safe savings account for all consumers, allowing you to easily save, disburse and track the money you intend to use for debt relief purposes. Although we are not affiliated with your debt settlement or student loan company, with your approval the funds in the Special Purpose Account can be monitored by your Settlement Advisors, who in turn will alert you when a vendor offers you special conditions on your debt. Keep in mind that your funds are owned and controlled by you, so you control all the payments and disbursements in the account.

    AMP understands the importance of safety when managing debt; for this reason, all funds held in Special Purpose Accounts established through AMP are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).


    Our Mission

    Account Management Plus, Inc. is a dedicated accounting provider to consumers and their debt settlement and student loan companies, providing account management services that enhance the integrity and efficiency of their debt reduction process.